How to Search Our Collections

Cover images can make or break a book’s saleability. Before they read the glowing reviews you may have received, before the first line grips their imagination, before they fall in love with your characters and story, your cover art is often a potential readers first exposure to your work. The right artwork on your cover can be the edge you book needs to encourage a potential reader to pick it up off the shelf at a bookstore or click a digital download link to learn more about your story.


At Novel Expression we want to help you find the perfect image to represent your characters and your story. For the most efficient image searches try the following ideas:



A good place to start your image search is by leisurely browsing entire collections. When building our library, we put our images into collections based on common genre fiction niches. If you are a regency writer, for instance, you will want to check out our regency collection to see if anything there sparks your imagination. Browsing is the simplest way to see the kinds of images you are looking for; simply mouse over the “images” tab in the main menu, hover over the “categories” tab in the drop-down menu, then select the appropriate niche from the list that appears. As we add more diversity in future collections, the categories will reflect that growth. Select a collection and browse away to find inspiration, ideas, or the perfect image for your finished work. NOTE: Some images may appear in multiple collections where applicable, and general categories like “Historical” will contain images from multiple sub-categories.



When you want to find specific types of images for a project you will want to use the site’s search engine. The search bar is at the right hand side of the menu bar. For best results when looking for images, for best reults, use physical descriptions to set the parameters of your search (eg: woman, yellow, dress) then look at faces and poses to find the feeling you want to convey.


Our images are keyworded using the following groups/keywords

  • Category: historical, regency, renaissance, Scottish, vampire, western, contemporary, paranormal

  •           NOTE: We are adding more genres as we grow, if you do not see your genre listed in our categories, try looking in one of the general categories like “historical” or “modern” to see if any of the related images will work for your project.

  • Gender: male, man, female, woman,    

  • Group: Single, couple, group

  • Hair Color: blond, brunette, auburn, red hair, redhead

  • Clothing Style: shawl, cloak, cape, empire waist, jeans, denim, corset, chemise, shirtless, uniform, satin, kilt

  • Clothing Color: yellow, red, burgundy, blue, gold

  • Accessories: gloves, flowers, parasol, umbrella, sword, mask, Image

  • Crop: full-length, three-quarter, head-shot, full body

  • Body Position/Action: standing, sitting, laying, embrace, walking, profile, swoon, kissing, flexing

  • Emotions: coy, affectionate, passionate, angry, vengeful, happy, arrogant

When using the search bar, try using one of these suggested keywords first. (You DO NOT have to include the keyword group name.)  To narrow a search, use multiple keywords separated by commas. You can also click on the small arrow between the search box and the magnifying glass to trigger a drop-down menu and search within a specific genre category.

By default, the site will return only images that contain all of your chosen keywords. You can search for other types of keyword strings using the advanced search feature.

Advanced Searching:

You can access the “advanced Search” feature by clicking the arrow on the right hand side of the search box. Clicking the link brings up a page with a box that looks like this:

advanced search.jpg

Advanced search options include searching by category, and additional parameters. You can also  select how you want the site to process multiple keywords.


Let us know if you are having trouble finding what you need. We are here to help you find the perfect image for your project.

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